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Frasyer Elementary School

Location: 1230 Larchmont Ave Louisville, KY
Job Description: Addition of a 7,000 SF state of the art kitchen and cafeteria including sitework, 2 story masonary shaft elevator, new carpet, and VCT in the 70,000 SF school. Renovations included restrooms, health room, resource center, and library. The existing kitchen was transformed into a media center.
Frasyer Elementary School-Exterior entrance and student drop-off
Entrance of new addition southwest side and student drop-off
New sidewalks, asphalt, and canopy with 7 downspouts extending from new scuppers tied into storm sewer
WPC Picture
Exterior cafeteria
Southeast view of new cafeteria and insulated curtain wall system before landscaping
Exterior teacher's court yard and emergency exit
Exterior teacher's courtyard and emergency exit
Exterior courtyard north side of building also before landscaping
Kitchen and cafeteria exterior glass
Exterior kitchen & cafeteria glass
View of west side looking into cafeteria
WPC Picture
Cafeteria with open spacious design
Glass curtain wall looking from student dining area into new kitchen
Full service kitchen with hood system
Full service kitchen with hood system
New kitchen equipment installed with industrial grade floor system
Interior colored stained concrete
Interior colored stained concrete
Signature entrance with stained and polished concrete floor
New gym floor with striping
New gym floor with striping
New solid wood gymnasium floor


Location: 1004 South 1st Street Louisville, KY
Job Description: A 10,000 square foot, ground up construction of a two story, brick and block, state of the art media center for the Jefferson County Public School System. Interior renovation included classrooms, library, and four bathrooms. Exterior site work covered surrounding parking area and sidewalks.
Finished addition
North side of new 2 story addition
Exterior family resource center
West side showing 1 story family resource center and 2 story stairwell behind it
View of very detailed circular soffit and up lighting in media center
Media center
North view shown with structural steel columns enclosed in center of circular soffit
Media center
East view showing librarian work area and contemporary lighting
New large classroom on 1st floor below media center

U of L Baseball Indoor Batting Facility - "The Hack Shack"

Location: 3rd and Floyd Streets, Louisville, KY
Job Description: WPC worked with the University of Louisville and their architect, Bayus Evola, to meet the opening day deadline. The project specifications included double pitching mounds, attention to proper site drainage, and exterior decor coordinated with the surrounding university buildings.
batting facility steel frame under construction
Steel frame under construction
Erection of main frames and and associated steel with the west end open to receive block and brick.
roof added to main steel frame
West end of interior with lighting
Six inch insulation in the roof and walls ensures temperature control and player comfort. The lighting height is set to accommodate the indoor pitching nets.
Exterior  building metal side
Low side of building with metal color coordination (South Side)
Exterior siding is color coordinated to match existing buildings. The downspouts are tied into a continuous trench drain for proper site drainage. Large overhead doors were installed for cross ventilation.
West facing brick wall
West end accent brick wall
The bricks of this accent wall were special ordered to match existing buildings. High efficiency circulating fans with louvers were inset to keep players comfortable.



Bluegrass Industrial Park Louisville, KY

Job Description: Constructed new 10,000 SF freezer and cooler addition including processing and packaging lines. Also renovated existing 13,000 SF old grill line to include new offices, washroom, and mezzanine.
Exterior freezer
60' x 80' freezer with 5" thick insulated exterior freezer panel walls along with air circulation system beneath the concrete floor for ice and moisture prevention. Installed 12" insulated roof with neoprene sheet roof material.
Interior Processing
Expanded processing area to increase production by 50%.
Inside freezer
4,800 SF new freezer.
Wash Area
New washroom to meet FDA standards

U of L Walkway of Fountains

Location: 3rd and Floyd Streets, Louisville, KY
Job Description: This signature entrance to U of L's new baseball field was created to welcome visitors and was installed by the opening day of the baseball season. The project was highly stylized and included a 32 jet water feature, an 18' tall baseball bat sculpture, and an arched entryway sign.
Outside baseball staduim enterance
Completed arched entry to baseball stadium
No Picture Detail
arched entry sign
Arched entry sign during construction
A crane is used to position and mount the arched entry sign.
entrance sign and lettering
Arched Entrance Sign
The final installation of stainless steel sign. The background and the letter font match the existing font on the stadium.
fountain bats
Completion of fountain before Opening Day
The fountain bowl slopes towards the 3' wide center drain with 32 jets on the outside and 3 main jets on the interior. It has 3 submersible lights that illuminate the 18 ft. tall bats at night.
sign concret
Arched Sign Base
The existing concrete had to be saw cut perfectly to match the pattern and layout of the existing plaza. The base foundation is 4'x4' x3' to support weight of arched sign.
Water jets set in cement
Water jets for fountain
Water jets had to be perfectly spaced and level for the concrete pour.
jets for fountian
Underground vault for fountain
The 9' x 7' vault to service the fountain weighed 18,000 lbs. was set with a crane to ensure no damage was caused to the existing concrete
fountain pit electric
Overhead view of the 9' x 7' vault
The Pit had a 200 Amp electric service for lighting , sump pump,filters,and jet pumps.

Celebrity Kids Portrait Studio

Location: Formerly at 4116 Summit Place Dr. "The Summit", Louisville, KY
Job Description: WPC redesigned the blueprint layout which were downsized from the Celebrity Kids Portrait Studio that we completed previously in Lexington, KY. The challenging 45 day opening deadline we met was required by the owner.
Interior furnishings on upper wall
Curved ceiling framing for intricate soffit
Photo menu kiosk

Saint Mathews Elementary Media Center Addition

Location: 601 Browns Lane, Louisville, KY
Job Description: Designed by Luckett and Farley architects, this media center was a first for the Jefferson County Elementary School System. It included a specially cooled data center with a 30 workstation networked computer library. The Media center had be in operation before the opening day of school. One phase included a 90 day turn around time that was essential for project completion.
Completed Media Center
Interior of media room and soffit
Interior structure
Steel stud framing
Brick and Block Detail
Extremely detailed masonary work including limestone caps.

New Castle Christian Church

Location: Main Street, New Castle, KY
Job Description: New 11,000 sq .ft. addition to the existing 100 year old church. Work included a gymnasium, classrooms, offices, and restrooms. Preserving the integrity of the existing church and connecting to the new addition was a rewarding challenge.
Henry county church
New classroom addition to New Castle Church
The gymnasium on the left side of this picture reaches 24 ft. in height and accommodates an indoor basketball court. The hunter green standing seam roof gives the classroom addition a modern feel while the brick work matches the 100 year old existing brick.
Interior Gym
Gymnasium Interior
The gymnasium floor is constructed with durable yet affordable vinyl tile. A painted stripe helps de-emphasize the gym's high ceiling. The basketball goals are retractable allowing for multi-purpose use.
Interior office
Reception room and Pastor's office
New arched windows coincide with the existing building's character.
classroom hallway
Classroom Hallway
This hallway connects the existing church and the new 12 classroom addition with style. The border tile diminishes the long length of the hallway.

Norton Suburban Hospital Mechanical and Electrical Building

Location: 3991 Dutchman's Lane, Louisville, KY
Job Description: Work included a new 3800 square foot mechanical room and a new 4800 square foot electrical room with truck dock. Block, EFI's (stucco), and pre-stressed concrete roof panels were all included in this ground up addition.
Medical gas equipment
Relocated medical gas equipment on new concrete pad
HVAC equipment
New energy efficient cooling units on elevated slab.
Exterior equipment building
New high efficiency mechanical room including exterior EFIS finish.
Framing for foundation
Framing and reinforcing for 5' thick heavy equipment pad.
Birds eye view
Elevated view looking north of construction area.
Fuel tank
Back-up generator diesel fuel tank installation in progress.
Medical gas storage
Relocated medical gas equipment
Birds eye view #2
Elevated view looking east showing construction in progress.
WPC Fountian Walk - UofL
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