Our Work

WPC Company masters a wide varitety of constructon disciplines. Click one of the links below to see pictures and information about our past projects or choose from a list of our current or recent work.

  • New Construction
    We can plan and design your project from scratch.
  • USA Metal Buildings
    We build the best in the industry.
  • Office and Retail Renovations
    We maintain a clean, safe work area and coordinate your project to meet your needs.
  • Commercial Shutdowns
    WPC is experienced in coordinating Industrial shutdowns where every minute of downtime has a real cost.
  • Demolition
    We can demolition commerical and residential multi-level buildings
  • Spray Parks and Fountains
    We have improved communites in our local areas by creating fun and safe water features for kids and adults alike.
  • Service and Remodeling
    Call us for any services needed, from the smallest drywall repair job to HVAC, plumbing, electric, flooring, ceilings and painting.

See our most recent work.

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