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Miller information technology center


University of Louisville Louisville, KY

Job Description: Work was performed on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, entry, and basement levels of the U of L property. Demolition of ceilings, ceramic flooring, and installation of plywood backing over the existing interior brick walls. New finishes included new terrazzo stair treads and glass railings, new marlite wall finishes over previously installed plywood, new ceilings, reworked sprinklers, doors, carpet, paint, and ceramic tile throughout.
U of L interior
Lower level west
New ceramic tile floors, ceiling grid, and plywood wall backing ready for new finishes.
Interior renovation U of L
Lower level east
Same as above except eastern view
Interior stairway at the University of Louisville
South view lower level
Wood furring under stairs, walls, and steps awaiting new finishes.
WPC Picture
Lower level center
New central kiosk installed with new ceramic tile and acoustical ceilings
Interior stairway at University of Louisville
Upper level foyer
New upper level entry area showing new stairs, ceramic, and wall panels
MITC interior stairs
Lower level south
Completed lower level southern view finishes, including panels under stairs, acoustical ceilings, and new marble stair treads and railing.
WPC Picture
Technology center
Completely renovated computer lab included all new finishes on lower level north.

Today's Man - (Jefferson Mall)

Location: 4801 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY
Job Description: Today's Man is a 8,700 sq. ft. interior and exterior renovation for a clothing store in the Jefferson Mall . It included demolition of 14,000 sq. ft. of retail space was divided into two areas . WPC was required to have Today's Man open for business before the Christmas season, and we worked closely with the owner to meet this goal.
Exterrior Entrance Before Construction
Exterior entrance before construction
This is the existing brick before WPC created the new entrance. This was an exterior wall and the proper shoring to maintain the walls integrity was imperative.
Today's Man exterior entrance
The 27' wide opening on the north side of the Mall adds a touch of class to the exterior of the mall, with the crown molding, color, and design matching the existing main entrance. The EFIS, concrete sidewalk, glass, and sign were selected to compliment the existing building.
Interior storefront entrances
The ceramic tile columns and entrances had to be coordinated with the displays to ensure proper sizing.The black tile columns and border help the Today's Man entrances appear inviting.
The formica background and 1/2" thick storefront glass had to be designed so the joints in each were symmetrical to enhance the beauty of the storefront. This is one of the quality's that WPC requires from its' employees.

Stevenson Hall renovation

Location: University of Louisville, Louisville KY
Job Description: Renovation of existing 2 floor dormitory to create class A office space for University of Louisville
Exterior doors
New entrance
New handicap accessible ramp and entrance installed in existing brick and block wall.
Interior remolding at U of L
Hallway view 1st floor
New hollow metal frame and glass doorway system installed. This is an example of one of eighteen doors and frames which were included on this project.
Interior hallwall with new carpet and paint
Hallway and floor
Completed finishes including doorways, carpet, and paint
WPC Picture
Computer lab
Interior example of office finishes including casework, HVAC mounted wall, paint, and carpet.
Handicap accessible restrooms
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overseers honors building exterior stairs

Location: University of Louisville, KY
Job Description: Demolition of wood framed 2 story stairs and installation of heavy duty galvanized steel stairs.
Exterior metal stairs
Installation complete
South view of new galvanized stairs and 12 new columns
Exterior design built metal stairs
Opposite side
North view showing stairs utilizing old handrails and duplicating same in new construction
Exterior stairs
Lower level view showing grouted base plates and welds before touch up paint.

Duplicator Sales

Location: 831 East Broadway Louisville, KY
Job Description: 9000 SF interior renovation including 2nd floor total renovation of an over 100 year old warehouse including a new 2 story fire exit.
Duplicator Sales Womens Vanity Tile with Paint
Women's vanity, ceramic tile and paint
High end finishes in what was a gloomy warehouse restroom
Duplicator Sales Lunchroom
New 2 story tall open lunchroom
Second Level Stairway
Second level stairway
New 2 story stairs for code required extra fire escape.
Train Rm Double Fire Doors and Glass
Training Room
2nd floor 600 SF technician training room includes double fire doors and glass

KENTUCKY KORNER (Jefferson Mall)

Location: 4801 Outer Loop Louisville, KY
Job Description: Project involved turning a vacant mall space (white box) into 1st class retail store
Front view
New storefront entrance from mall
Interior west
Interior of retail space including new slat wall, down lights, ceiling, and carpet
Exterior west
Side view left side

Southside Christian Day Care

Location: Louisville, KY
Job Description: Total replacement of 10,000 SF of 1st floor and 3,000 SF of 2nd floor of a previous Smiths' Furniture location with a new daycare facility.
Southside Christian Entrance Lobby
Southside Christian Entrance Lobby
Clean and inviting new lobby with new stairway leading to 2nd floor.
Southside Christian Upstairs Playroom
Southside Christian Upstairs Playroom
Upstairs large playroom with angled ceilings and new carpet
Southside Christian Second Year Classroom
Southside Christian Second Year Classroom
New children's activity room
Southside Christian Front Waiting Room
Southside Christian Front Waiting Room
Parents waiting room and child pick up area

ADL Dental Lab

Location: 4915 Poplar Level Rd. , Louisville, KY
Job Description: One of the best examples of taking a "bare bones" space and converting it into class A office and production space. The existing 7,000 SF building was a large auto garage and old storage building.
Dental Lab before
Dental Lab Receiving Before
Great example of a "before" photo showing demolished space
Dental Lab Receiving After
Dental Lab Receiving After
Dental lab receiving area with huge custom cabinets and custom inlaid floor.
Dental Lab Casting Area
Dental Lab Casting Area
Shipping and sorting area across from courier pick-up garage door
Dental Lab Work Desk
Dental Lab Work Desk
Supply storage and work area casework

Sakura Blue

Location: 4600 Shelbyville Rd. , Louisville, KY
Job Description: One of a kind sushi restaurant constructed in a busy strip mall
Sakura Sushi bar
Designed and built sushi bar
WPC designed custom sushi bar built on site.
Sakura Cooking Grills
WPC design and built grills and exhaust hood
View towards front of restaurant showing 3 separate custom built hood systems over industrial grill stations.
Sakura kitchen hood
Sakura kitchen hood

Jefferson Building

Location: Jeffersontown, ky
Job Description: Facade improvements in downtown Jeffersontown in what WPC Company feels is a fantastic rejuvenation on with a historic building.
Jefferson Building Before
Jefferson Building Before
A classic before picture with a dingy and dated feel.
Jefferson Building After
Jefferson Building After
A very bright and inviting appearance including new signage and new custom made windows,

Enterprise Rental Car

Location: Louisville, KY
Job Description: A conversion of a Long John Silvers Restaurant into an Enterprise Rent a Car location.
Enterprise Rental Location Before
Enterprise Rental Location Before
East side of Long John Silver building before renovations
Enterprise Rental Location After
Enterprise Rental Location After
East side view including new garage door opening for car wash area
Front View Enterprise Rental Location
Front View Enterprise Rental Location
Front view including a new metal roof and raised dormer area along with new picture window and storefront entrance.
Interior Offices
Interior Offices
Example of new office in old kitchen area
Enterprise Rental Counter
Enterprise Rental Counter
Rental counter in location of old Long John Silver dining room
Enterprise Sign
Enterprise Sign
New Enterprise sign atop of old Long John Silver post

Newcastle KY, Clock Tower

Location: Newcastle, KY
Job Description:
Newcastle Clcok Tower
Newcastle Clock Tower
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