Metal Buildings

WPC Company uses the highest standards in the industry to ensure your metal building meets all AISC certification. We are a distributor of USA, A and S, ACI, and Metallic pre-fabricated metal buildings.

In addition to the metal building jobs we have listed on this page with pictures below, you can see other quality metal buildings we have constructed listed in detail under New Construction.

Estcorns Collision Center

Location: 3933 Bardstown Road , Louisville, KY
Job Description: 80x120 Mechanical Shop service department with parts room, break room, and installed rain garden with retention basin.
Estcorns mechanical shop structural framing
6" concrete slab
50' roof panels
Completed Estcorns mechanical building
Metal side panel with 2 overhead doors
Interior of mechanical building at Estcorns
Service Department

National Guard

Location: 4815 Progress Blvd., Louisville, KY
Job Description:
50x70 National Gaurd metal building
armory entrance
Interior Duffle Bag Cage
South End of NG metal building


Location: 617 Outer Loop Louisville, KY
Job Description: New 125 x 100 metal maintenance building with new office, handicap restrooms, and handicap ramp with decking.
Maintencance Building with overhead door
Metal building with 24' overhead doors and trench drains
No Picture Detail
Exterior metal building with handicap accessible ramp
Open office room before cubicle
Mechanical Room
Mechanical Room
No Picture Detail
Interior maintenance building
Lighting, hanging units, and exhaust fan

Wyandot Factory

Location: 125 Peacely Street, Jeffersonville, IN
Job Description:
Wyandot boiler room addition
Wyandot boiler room addition
Wyandot factory refuse cover
Wyandot factory refuse cover

Henry County Road Department

Location: 136 County Road, Newcastle, KY
Job Description:
100x140 road department facility
100x140 road department facility
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